Batman the Bulldog
Batman Bulldog

Batman the BulldogIntroducing - BATMAN the Bulldog!

My name is Batman, and I am a SUPER HERO! At least to my owners...

I stay very active in many activities. First and foremost, I am a lover. The ladies like the upside down fang look - and I know how to work it. I enjoy therapy work because everyone wants to pet and love me.

Last year my brother Felix, aka Feeferlump, passed away. Tears, yes...but he was almost 14 years old, so he had a great life. I now have a new sister, Riley! I hope to have some pictures of her up soon. She is a beautiful white/red/ bulldog with gorgeous freckles! I know you will love her too.

Riley is not quite as well behaved and mellow as I am. She is a lover and as sweet as they come, but I am not sure she was front and center when the brains were being handed out. She tends to get yelled at more than me because of this, but like a good big brother, I am always sticking up for her.

As the family super hero, I travel a lot as well. They never leave me at home (if they can avoid it) in case they need my super powers. I go to the softball fields, stores, and I love to go up to San Francisco to visit my cousins - a French Bulldog named Otis and a beautiful Red Nose Pitbull named SweetPea. As you can see, my family is full of "bull".

My site is just for fun because my family loves me so much. I enjoy modeling and therapy work very much. If you need to reach me for any reason, please use the form on my favorite photography site - Las Vegas Pet Photos. Just tell them that Batman sent you!